Our United States is changing for worse

There is a very trite phrase by talk show hosts and others: “This isn’t your grandparents’ world.” The pundits are correct.


My grandparents lived in a different age. Both of them persevered the Great Depression, World War II and the Korean War. The difference in their time and mine is that they loved the United States and supported their government.

As an aside, my maternal grandparents were immigrants who came to America from Austria-Hungary and assimilated into the American way of life, unlike many of those who come to the United States now (mostly undocumented) and refuse to accept the greatness of our great nation. My maternal grandparents were harassed because they were Roman Catholics and foreigners.

My paternal grandparents were farmers in Georgia and moved to Florida, where his cotton fields were destroyed by the boll weevil. My maternal grandfather died at the age of 99. He told me that there was no place on Earth better than America! I am very proud to have had such great role models. Even though they were from different backgrounds I learned so much from them.

I am a grandfather now, and I fear for my grandchildren. I fear that the president of our country and his quislings have destroyed the greatness of America. How can we be great if the president supports our enemies and condemns our allies? And he apologizes to Islamic nations but forsakes our friendship with friendly nations?

The Christians of the Middle East were established there centuries before there was Islam! President Obama has not said one thing about their situation, which can be summed up as “join the Muslims or we will cut your heads off.” Maybe Obama is too busy shooting pool, posing for photo ops, campaigning all over on our money and/or scouting out a golf course. The only true promise he has made and kept is “I will change America,” and he has done a remarkable job!

Obama has chosen one of his own ilk to be secretary of state. John Kerry, in my estimation, is a traitor and an insidious fool. I will give him credit for being in Vietnam for four long months, before being awarded three dubious Purple Hearts. But upon returning to the United States, he joined the veterans against the war in Vietnam. I am guessing that this gives him and Obama the right to negotiate with the terrorist Hamas. Those are the terrorists who were indiscriminately lobbing rockets into Israel and hiding their missiles in schools, day cares, hospitals, and anywhere there was a large civilian population. That is an unadulterated sign of cowardice!

I am not of the Jewish faith. However, I cannot fathom the complete disregard of their brethren in Israel. I do admire Netanyahu for his courage to defend the nation of Israel.

Stephen B. McMillan




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