Hamas imperils innocents

In 2007, after the Gaza election, Hamas killed members of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. Hamas repeatedly has called for the destruction of Israel, even going so far as to include that sentiment, written in Arabic, on its flag.

For the past 13 years, rockets have been falling on southern Israel. In a recent confrontation, Hamas launched some 2,000 rockets hoping to destroy Israel. About 100 of those rockets fell on their own people, with no warning. It is ironic that Israel uses rockets to protect its people, and Hamas uses people to protect its rockets. When Israel lifted the blockade to allow the transport of cement to build houses, Hamas used it not to rebuild Gaza or even to provide bomb shelters for its people. The group used the cement to build tunnels to infiltrate and attack Israel.

Rockets and launchers from Iran are under schools, mosques and hospitals. Twenty rockets were found in a United Nations Relief and Works Agency school for Palestinians. Twenty-three concrete tunnels and dozens of access shafts designed to transport weaponry and fighters can be found under Gaza. So far, nine tunnels have been discovered that come out into Israel next to residential areas. One comes out next to a children’s preschool. Armed fighters are emerging from these tunnels, laden with explosives ready to massacre children.

Israel has dropped 1 million leaflets; has made more than 100,000 phone calls; has sent texts; and has made scores of “knocks on the roof” urging Palestinians to leave terror targets. An Israeli army field hospital is on the northern Gaza border, where injured Palestinians are being treated. Ayman Fadel conveniently forgot these facts in his July 22 letter to the editor (“Cease U.S. aid to Israel”).

My heart aches for the innocent Palestinians used cynically by Hamas leadership to become martyrs for the cause. My heart also aches for the Israeli soldiers who again have to defend their homeland against those who would destroy it.



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