Support cleaner energy

In the wake of President Obama’s announcement on his climate action plan, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed limits to carbon emissions from power plants. Their new rules not only should help curb climate change but also provide cleaner air for us to breathe.


Scientists overwhelmingly agree that climate disruption is happening and that carbon pollution is a major contributor. The problem is acute in Georgia, as our state houses Georgia Power’s Plant Scherer, which is America’s dirtiest power plant. Its parent company, Southern Co., is the third-largest carbon polluter in the United States. Furthermore, our state has suffered in recent years from drought-driven crop losses caused by climate change.

We can counter climate change and clean the air we breathe by converting to clean, renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy, which also will create jobs here. Georgia has a great deal of potential in solar and wind development. Our state ranks No. 5 in the nation for benefitting from development and use of solar power.

I support the EPA’s new standards, which would reduce carbon emissions and pollution, and give all of us in Georgia a cleaner, brighter future.

Greg Sutherland




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