Put Mideast in perspective

In reply to Ayman Fadel’s letter (“Cease U.S. aid to Israel,” July 22), I would like to point out that Israel is not attacking the terrorists in Gaza for the purpose of massacring innocent people. Furthermore, Palestinian rocket fire into Israel from 2006 until the present has been in excess of 11,199 missiles. Hardly minimal!


As for the Palestinian refugees’ right of return, the attacking Arab Bloc armies told the Palestinians to evacuate their homes for 48 hours while they massacred the Israelis. The Israelis begged the Palestinians to stay, but they chose to flee instead. As we all know, Israel prevailed and became a state. Israel uprooted Israeli settlers from Gaza by force when it was ceded to the Palestinians. This ceding of land did not bring peace because of the Islamic doctrine of waqf. Most people who have heard of waqf think of the office of guardianship of religious shrines. It has a more sinister meaning: perpetual/eternal estate.

As radicals interpret the doctrine of waqf, all land ever acquired by Islam has been dedicated to Allah. Consequently, Spain, Portugal and parts of France, Italy and Greece still are considered to be Islamic possessions by radicals in the Islamic world. Therefore, ceding land to the Palestinians, who believe the land is theirs by right of waqf, will never bring peace.

Unfortunately, neighboring Muslim countries have chosen not to assimilate Palestinian refugees to foster their political agendas, whereby many of the Palestinians are compelled to live in squalid internment camps run by the United Nations. This political agenda engenders and foments a diabolical hatred of the Israelis.

Roger Eden




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