It's God, not 'higher power'

I wonder if The Augusta Chronicle’s editorial staff can think beyond their own ignorance.


I have lauded The Chronicle in the past, but the editorial “Conservative challenges” (June 29) demonstrates that its editorial staff is part of the very problem they rail against! I wish I had a whole page, as they did, to counter much of what they said.

The most egregious error is reference to “a higher power.” There are many claims to higher powers, but there is only one true God: the One described by the Bible. Quotes of Bible verses are commendable, but failure to acknowledge the true God makes your paper almost as godless as any atheistic publication. Our greatest hope in most, if not all, of the dilemmas that you named, is that God. If we do not acknowledge Him, He will continue to turn His back on us.

You do not understand evangelicals and their politics. While you are certainly right that it has never been perfect, and issues often wrongly addressed, we had no choice in the 2012 election. Mitt Romney is a Mormon, which I believe is a heresy by every biblically-based church in the world: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant. When one only has a choice of evils, no choice can be made.

Evangelicals have made a lot of mistakes. But if your editorial staff cannot grasp what evangelicals are about, you are part of the problem, and can offer only temporary and futile solutions. I expected better from you.

I have run to my limit of words. I will end with a prediction of significant conservative, Tea Party, and evangelical wins in November (some already have been demonstrated in the primaries). Your staff should learn the difference in the ideals and goals of each component. They may work together, but they are not the same.

Ed Payne, M.D.


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