What about dying babies?

The Augusta Chronicle’s front-page article “Another way out?” (June 22) told of Augusta Animal Services officials seeking a location in Massachusetts where they could send unwanted dogs for reposition. Many readers must have been shocked to learn that the shelter euthanized 6,500 animals last year. What a shame!


Reading that article with its references to “kill shelters” immediately brought to mind the two baby-killing centers in Augusta, euphemistically calling themselves Planned Parenthood, where huge numbers of human beings are killed every year. The actual numbers are not made public because a significant percentage are killed chemically. At Planned Parenthood it always is a human baby being killed. In a civilized society, all life must be morally and ethically protected from conception to natural death.

Most Americans are unaware that those of us who pay taxes are helping fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills nationwide. President Obama has been supporting abortion worldwide over the past six years and giving our money to Planned Parenthood. Statistics for the past two years reveal that Planned Parenthood support approached $1.5 million daily. That’s more than $540 million a year. Those figures do not include the money contributed to international abortion.

The public needs to know the holocaust perpetrated by “King Herod” Obama against many millions of innocents during his short reign. Liberals who voted for this monster, including many so-called Christians, tout Obama as one who is interested in promoting the common good. Go figure!

Here’s hoping The Chronicle promptly will do an exposé on abortion to demonstrate that they consider the killing of innocent babies as important or more important than the killing of dogs.

Let’s show that we love babies more than we love dogs.



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