We aren't exceptional

Legalizing marijuana is more proof that Americans are ordinary, not exceptional. American exceptionalism is a delusion of Rush Limbaugh and right-wing conservatives. Like ordinary humans, Americans talk right but walk wrong.

Even America’s greatest foundational document disproves the myth of American exceptionalism. The Constitution’s 13th Amendment dealt with the abolition of slavery. Had Americans been exceptional, slavery would not have existed, and the need to abolish slavery would not have been necessary. Next, the 18th Amendment dealt with prohibiting intoxicating liquors. Exceptional Americans would not have excessively consumed intoxicating liquors, and the need for Prohibition would not have been necessary. However, because of moral weakness for illegally consuming intoxicating liquors, which led to lawlessness, Americans were forced to enact the 21st Amendment repealing Prohibition. Vice won and virtue lost.

It’s the same for legalizing marijuana. Moral weakness, lawlessness and vice have defeated morality and virtue.



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