Congrats and watch out

I would like to extend congratulations to Hardie Davis on his successful bid to become the next mayor of Augusta.


A tough hide to cover his skin is a necessity. His campaign slogan “One Augusta” is well-intentioned and futuristic, and I wish him good luck. However, may I caution him that Augusta’s last elected black mayor was hounded by certain natives from start to finish.

There are fools on the airwaves and nestled in chambers and towers who sit poised to besmirch and dwarf Davis’ every effort and attempt at better leadership. I safely assume that Davis has an impressive educational, business and social background that will support any endeavor he explores.

But I must inform Mr. Davis of a certain well-known chief executive. He has a Harvard Law School education and impressive credentials; is a former U.S. senator; is the author of two books; and is an outstanding public speaker with proven diplomatic and negotiation skills, along with great parenting skills and leadership potential. He has been, and probably always will be, considered incompetent and inadequate in the eyes of certain individuals. Oh yes – he also won re-election.

Only when the chaos-and-controversy crowd contends that you can’t do anything right will you be on the right track.

Tunk Martin

Edgefield, S.C.



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