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Regarding Lowell Greenbaum’s letter “We should thank Obama” (June 30), he conveniently neglected to include the following “thanks” to the president:


Thanks for allowing this current Iraq fiasco to occur during your watch.

Thanks for not responding decisively to the self-declared terrorist regime’s blunt declaration that anyone not expressly supporting them will be eliminated.

Thanks for not appreciating the obvious threat these Mideast events pose to Israel.

Thanks for not acknowledging the certain disruption of oil supply to the West and the subsequent economic calamities that are sure to follow. It’s another step towards socialism.

Although I agree that direct military intervention is not appropriate at this time, our “tall-standing” chief executive should’ve seen this coming. Or maybe he did.

Buford Pusser from the movie Walking Tall must be doing somersaults in his grave now.

R. Bryan Austin

North Augusta, S.C.

We should thank Obama


Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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