Don't spend on illegals

President Obama now wants Congress to give him at least $2 billion to send 55,000 alien children in the United States illegally back to their home countries in Central America. That’s a cost of $36,364 per child. I have a better idea. Take less than $2 million, fuel U.S. troop transport planes to fly them to airports in their home countries, drop them off and let their own governments be responsible for getting them home to be cared for – not U.S. taxpayers. And we shouldn’t be pouring billions of dollars into corrupt governments that already have shown the contempt they have for our government to take care of their children, either. This is all just another one of Obama’s failed policies costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars.

When is the American public going to get awakened to this fraudulent president and demand Congress – which is supposed to represent them – do something about him? They are supposed to work for us, but are they? Veterans are dying because of a failed VA system. Thousands of homeless are in the streets, many of them with psychological conditions that put them there. And the president wants to spend billions of dollars relocating criminals back to their home countries? Those who came to this country because of his own failed policies, and granting exception to our immigration laws to illegals already here?

There’s something wrong with this picture and the odor that comes along with it. But then, everything this president does has a strong odor to it. I urge everyone to contact your senators and representatives and tell them to say “no” to the money he’s requesting. Congress should be telling him to use the cheapest method possible to return these illegals to their home countries.

Michael Atwood




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