Fight our socialist drift

Growing our government with borrowed money at the lowest interest rates ever diminishes our credit-worthiness and shrinks capital available to our country’s productive forces.


Irresponsible congressional and administration spending is forcing the American people to accept a higher debt limit again. No conservative outcry will stop this trend because our country now is controlled by a self-serving elite, controlling nearly half of the voting public dependent on government benefits. Congress will not change our counterproductive tax code of 73,000 pages. So we keep complaining about the unfair distribution of wealth, etc.

From the 1950s through the ’80s, 80 percent of Americans thought there was plenty of opportunity and freedom in our country. It now is down to barely 50 percent of Americans believing this. We are unable to find and elect a capable statesman to lead our country through the morass of international intrigue and expectations for our leadership. Our leftist government has an inability to rally support from other freedom-seeking nations in our effort to create peaceful solutions among the worthy nations and religions.

Most of our politicians are unable to fill such a challenge. The low-information voter is unable to differentiate between a politician and a statesman. The media, if willing and able, could fill a void here, but they don’t.

A young Soviet officer in the summer of 1945 told me that their political system was best under Premier Joseph Stalin when he created a worker’s paradise, insofar as the mass of people would have government-designed jobs down to the street sweepers, and the now-Soviet elite would control this effort with discipline. The Soviet officer corps was an important part of this elite – they were not to mingle with common soldiers. The army was a useful tool but strictly supervised by the political arm of Stalin’s power structure.

Soon after Soviet occupation in 1945 in Eastern Europe, private property began to be confiscated from private owners to be distributed among the workers, five to eight acres each. Remember the “worker’s paradise”?

The subsequent failure of mini-farms then created massive communist state farms run by Moscow’s politburo, not by farmers. It collapsed after 70 years.

We are not there, of course, but gradual dictation by central government, with ever-increasing regulations and restrictions, will lead us into a central socialist system that will collapse under its own inefficient weight. Our internal strength of the people should prevent this by electing strong individual candidates who don’t care about re-election.




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