Congress lets vets down

Can we place all the blame of the failures in our veterans’ hospitals on a number of governmental employees intent on making themselves look good to earn bonuses – as occurs in all governmental functions? I say not.

We are bombarded constantly by politicians saying, “I can do it better” and “Donate.” Once in the ivory tower though, what do they accomplish? I can’t think of a single function handled by our government that is better now than a decade ago. Most are far worse.

Quoted from the Congressional Research Service: “The duties carried out by a Member of Congress are understood to include representation, legislation and constituent service and education, as well as political and electoral activities. ... With no written requirements, each member is free to define his or her own job and set his or her own priorities.”

How is it that so many of our veterans could be forced to go without treatment or even appointments to be seen, but all is a surprise to our members of Congress now that it is in the open? Where were they? Did they not read and act on their mail? Did they talk with the right constituents? When they come out of their ivory towers to talk to those who selected them, are they here to say things to sound good and get re-elected, or to listen and then represent?

What other mistreatment of their constituents is going on right now that they are not aware of?



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