Stonewalling continues

The thorn behind the Benghazi scandal is that Republicans are not happy President Obama got elected partly based on the lie that al-Qaida was defeated and the tides of war were receding – then tried to cover up the truth regarding the attack where four Americans died knowing it would have exposed just the opposite.


Further, the right has been stonewalled at every turn trying to uncover the truth, while the administration just wants it to go away. The harder the administration stonewalls, the harder the right pushes for the truth. The right knows the only reason for a cover up is because there is damaging material the administration doesn’t want exposed.

The left thinks they can stonewall and the mainstream media will ignore longer than the right can investigate. If there was nothing to hide, they would have been totally transparent, to use the president’s word criticizing the previous administration, from the very beginning.

The same goes for the IRS, the Department of Justice, Fast and Furious and the VA scandals, as well as the Affordable Care Act. The right is upset because, in each, the president or his administration has lied to Congress or directly to the American people. The president went on Fox News and told Bill O’Reilly that there’s not a smidgen of evidence of corruption at the IRS. Really? Because even naïve letter writers know the investigation has only barely begun. Why would former IRS official Lois Lerner plead the Fifth Amendment if not for fear of the truth?

Stonewalling only frustrates and increases the right’s resolve. What they really want to know, and everyone else should want to know, is: How much will the left lie to get elected and pass laws, and, how can we trust anything said at this point?

My father used to say a man is only as good as his word. The man here represents the executive office and the country.



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