Social welfare or insanity?

Having been one of those people who got a brief start in life from the newly established Job Corps program in 1966, I can say that government programs can be a much-needed stepping stone to get one over the initial difficulties that are brought on by growing up in poverty.


The sad aspect is how the government and our politicians react to the failures of these policies and their unintended consequences. When something doesn’t work in government welfare, they just create another one. Head Start, the SNAP food program, EBT cards, subsidized housing, government cell phones, the Earned Income Tax Credit – the list goes on.

What have we seen as the multigenerational result? Is it not a subculture that spawns more poor children; no family structure; low achievement; lives of crime in drug use and distribution, prostitution and pimps; and all forms of petty and major crime?

Our politicians always answer with yet another program to throw more taxpayer dollars at an already ludicrous situation.

Do we really think we can subsidize four to five generations of people to do nothing as constructive members of society but rather pay them well to be pimps, prostitutes and drug traffickers who sit home all day in government housing, having more children for others to support – and one day, shazam, they will just become the opposite of what we have paid them to be?

Should this be called social welfare or insanity? This, my friends, is the unintended consequences of good intentions. We must force our politicians to reward/subsidize the results we want, not insanity!



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