Citizen police disturbing

I read the May 21 article on the Citizen’s Police Academy. It’s an interesting concept but it’s not original – the shirts should be brown.

That’s all we need is another organization policing the citizens of this country. Yes, it sounds like a great idea – all warm and fuzzy and whatnot, stopping crime in its tracks. Have these people taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States? Are they prepared to face charges if they violate someone’s civil rights in the name of Augusta/Richmond County? I see a Trayvon Martin incident in Augusta’s future.

If Augusta needs more police officers, hire more police officers. These individuals could do the same thing without being sanctioned by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. All they need is the phone number to the sheriff’s office. Let’s not go down the road to pre-World War II Germany.

Mitch Stopher Sr.




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