University name horrid

I just watched an ad in which Georgia Regents University claims that it won two NCAA golf championships.

I beg to differ. Augusta State University won the championships. GRU had nothing to do with it, and I would wager that the trophies say “Augusta State University.”

This may be beating a dead horse, but let’s do it. When the names of ASU and the Medical College of Georgia were changed, so much history was simply thrown away. MCG began in 1828 – thrown away. ASU can trace its beginnings to at least 1925, and according to some accounts even further back – thrown away. I graduated from Augusta College when it was a two-year college. My diploma says “Augusta College.”

The name GRU is a monstrosity. The powers-that-be need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a name that preserves the history and heritage of Augusta College and the Medical College of Georgia.



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