Bergdahl deal disgraceful

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is being treated as a hero, and I assume most people are glad for his release by the Taliban. This is purely a political move on the part of the Obama administration, and to those who give only a passing nod to things, it probably will make the administration look good and on top of things!


In the first instance, Bergdahl is anything but heroic. There are a lot of questions surrounding his “captivity,” and I sincerely hope Congress will take these questions on in due time. To begin, Bergdahl didn’t appear to be a good soldier or a good citizen, and disparaged the Army he served in and the country he served. He reportedly expressed sympathy for the Taliban!

Those such as myself who have spent considerable time in uniform will know that he is a deserter in every sense of the word. He quit his post in the presence of an armed enemy intent on taking the lives of his comrades in any way possible!

My belief is that he intentionally turned himself over to the Taliban, or at least went where he knew they would find him.

As for the Obama administration, it intentionally broke the law by negotiating with terrorists, and the terrorists won by obtaining the release of five of their most ruthless and capable commanders, who soon will be back in the killing fields doing their work!

By negotiating with terrorists, the Obama administration now has set a price on the head of every American, particularly those who wear the uniform!

If you are a terrorist, capture an American and negotiate his or her release, apparently you surely will get what you want!

This is certainly one way for President Obama to fulfill his promise to close down the Guantanamo facility! Put the inmates back in the field!