Racism abounds in town

This is the time of year to visit the forest and see the flowering trees and bushes that appear beautiful and docile.


However beware, for things are more dangerous and deceitful than they appear. So it is with the forest it is with society.

Every two or four years signs pop up on lawns and at street corners touting smiling faces and promises that veil monsters, fakes and feigns.

Take my home town of good old Edgefield, S.C. Visitors are bombarded with advertisements and billboards purporting how fair and historic we are. How sociable and successful our everyday lives are.

Yet today a walk through town yields the ugly truth of a culture that is a relic of racism and prejudice. A throwback to a time when backdoor lines and offensive signs were commonplace. Bigoted language and mannerism (kicking, etc.) were ubiquitous.

If you start with the mayor, he is white. County treasurer, white. County coroner, white. Probate judge, white, too. Two magistrate judges, both white. Almost every elected and appointed official here is white, and it’s considered normal in this neck of the woods. All the doctors and dentists, police and sheriff’s deputies (except tokens) are white, the businesspeople and property owners with few exceptions are all white folks even though blacks make up half the population.

We have an influx of rich people building houses big enough to drive a car in and turn around to exit and all of them are, you guessed it, white.

These fancy communities are guarded and groomed 24/7 by black and brown fools who are equally as disgusted and distrusting of us as the owners. Want to see the sentiments hidden below the skin? Get caught with a fishing pole at one of their ponds without permission. You’ll think they own the Los Angeles Clippers.

If the ratio was reverse wonder what would happen? Oh, I know because it already happened back before Hamburg was renamed North Augusta – a black massacre occurred. Blacks haven’t run anything since, but away.

Tunk Martin

Edgefield, S.C.



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