Schools of faith abound

We agree with Barry Cook’s letter titled “Spur Christian schools” (May 20) about the importance of a Christian education.


We are fortunate to have great Christian schools in the CSRA – schools that offer a quality academic education while providing an environment for spiritual growth. God is welcome in a Christian school. Jesus is the teacher.

We encourage parents to explore all educational options for their children, including Christian schools. Tuition may first appear daunting, but there may be scholarships and financial aid opportunities that will help lighten the load.

Ask if your church provides assistance in this area. Visit the schools, take a tour and ask questions. Parents can make a more informed decision after doing some homework. Yes, homework is for grown-ups too!

A Christian education may involve some sacrifice, but it is definitely worth it. Your children can become strong Christian leaders, who make sound decisions, while also helping family, neighbors, the community and our great country.

We close by congratulating all the graduating students and wish them Godspeed in their future endeavors. We also wish all the students, faculty and school staff in the CSRA a happy and safe summer. You have earned it!

(The writers are, respectively, principal of St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School; and principal of Aquinas High School.)


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