Climate debate absurd

I have some ideas concerning global warming, climate change or Wizard of Oz-type weather changes.

First, unless the whole world follows the same rules, it’ll never work. Of course the world is doomed – carbon dioxide is rampant, so what difference at this point does it really make? However, we can do some things such as banning the consumption of beans, broccoli and carbonated soda. Every human being should hold his or her breath for 30 seconds every three minutes.

We must destroy all vegetation that is addicted to CO2, since CO2 kills. Should we advance abortion to keep CO2-exhalers from being born? Do we rely on “green” companies even though 36 are bankrupt or failing?

Could it be a simpler answer? Anti-gas medicine for everyone, including cows that obviously are trying to destroy the world with their methane gas emissions.

We are living in the theater of the absurd, so why not absurd answers for those who chase Chicken Little screaming, “The hot sky is falling, the hot sky is falling”?



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