Don't disrespect Obama

I will be so glad when President Obama leaves office in 2017!

It’s not particularly because he has been characterized and demonized as the worst human being ever to have held the office. But it’s particularly troubling that such negative diatribes don’t just oppose his policies, but also assassinate his character, to the extent of not affording him the respect of being the president of the United States.

The Augusta Chronicle’s editorial staff has been particularly instrumental in portraying the president either through disparaging cartoons or editorials seemingly every single day to decry the ineptitude of the man, and how he’s destroyed the country. Do I agree with everything Obama has enacted since he took office? Absolutely not! I’m disappointed in many policy decisions undertaken by the Obama administration, including how the Affordable Care Act became law; the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act; and his stance on the National Security Agency’s electronic surveillance.

False accusations about Obama trying to take away your Second Amendment gun rights is a big bandwagon issue that the political opposition keeps hammering into everyone’s head every day! No one ever complains about the Bush administration’s passage of the Patriot Act – which is the real threat to constitutional liberties, denying many Fourth Amendment guarantees against search and seizure. I won’t even get into the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses!

From a U.S. senator from South Carolina calling Obama a liar during one of his State of the Union addresses, to a New Hampshire law enforcement official calling him a racial epithet, this goes beyond political differences. Even though Obama was responsible for the demise of Osama bin Laden, he still can’t do anything right or honorable in the eyes of many. It reminds me of the scene in the movie A Soldier’s Story when, just before he was killed, the old sergeant had a revelation: “It doesn’t make any difference. They still hate you.”


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