Back Brandon Dial

Over the years I have been to many Augusta Commission meetings and have left each one with the same thought: We have so much to accomplish in our great city of Augusta, and we need the right people in those seats to do it. Brandon Dial, candidate for the Super District 10 seat, is that right person to vote for in the May 20 election.

The behavior of Grady Smith, the current holder of this seat, disturbs me to my core. He is repeatedly absent or silent during meetings; uses a city-issued gas card funded by our tax dollars; and has engaged in questionable business practices with the city. Mr. Dial promises the residents of Augusta that he will not engage in this behavior. As an honest business owner and respected family man, Mr. Dial is the person who can push our city in a more positive direction. His commitment to getting the budget balanced, fully funding the sheriff’s department and no new property taxes is honorable and a step in the right direction.

As a mother, I look forward to the city of Augusta being a viable and exciting place for my children to grow up in. Brandon Dial is the candidate who will protect the future of Augusta for all of us.

Allison Greene




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