Union-free works better

Employees of the new Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., rejected big Labor’s bid to unionize by a 54 percent majority, according to The Augusta Chronicle’s April 26 editorial (“Fending off Big Labor”).


Despite underhanded union campaign methods and support from our anti-right-to-work president and a foreign union IG Metall support, the people of Tennessee used common sense with the experience of Detroit in front of their eyes to reject a union dictatorship.

Labor-management relations are somewhat different in Germany, realizing that a cooperative spirit in decision-making will benefit all the people and the state. Economic success is the result even with higher wage rates and higher employment figures than we have here.

Many American industries now are seeing a revival in production efficiency, and we are returning to a “Made in America” culture. Industrial training programs are adding to this success. Also, union-free education is in more independent and private schools. Private initiative always has produced better results than our Washington bureaucracy.

I wish President Reagan’s effort to shut down the U.S. Department of Education had succeeded. Our high-school education level at least would equal or exceed the rest of the industrial world. Better education and work skills also would result in improved pay equality.

Isn’t that what the beef is all about?



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