Appreciate our teachers!

This week is set aside as Teacher Appreciation Week. To simply say “thank you” for teachers’ extraordinary work appears to be so small when I consider the huge impact they have on shaping the lives of young people.


I know firsthand how important it is to have a quality teacher in each classroom. I remember all my teachers, and to this day I can tell you the lessons I learned under their tutelage, almost a half-century later. Even today when I go into schools, I examine the characteristics of the teachers in search of the exact qualities I observed in my teachers as a lad. Their teaching and caring qualities are timeless. They will never go out of style, no matter what new teaching techniques are introduced in the modern classroom.

The effectiveness of a good teacher’s methods reaches far into the future. I owe my life to those who taught me, and I honor them this week with my memory of them. I thank them sincerely for teaching our children. Show me a high-quality teacher, and I will show you a classroom full of scholarly pupils.

The teacher makes the school. The teacher creates the atmosphere that fosters learning. Space here is not sufficient for me to share all the glory that is associated with the high-quality teacher. Suffice it to say, their work speaks for itself in the students they enlighten and inspire each day.

In the early days of public education, pupils would present their teacher with a delicious red apple, as an expression of thanks. Today, I am not suggesting a delicious red apple. However, I am presenting a different fruit. I give to teachers the fruit of support, admiration and appreciation that commends them for their daily inspired sacrifices on behalf of the students of the CSRA.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Frank G. Roberson, Ph.D.



(The writer is Richmond County’s superintendent of schools.)



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