Why back Obama still?

Fuel prices are on the rise – twice what they were in 2008. Energy prices are on the rise – 13 cents per kilowatt-hour, higher now than at any previous time. Food prices are on the rise. Inflation on everything else is on the rise.


Taxes – for those who actually pay them – have increased since 2008.

Health insurance costs are increasing rapidly. Heath insurance deductibles are increasing rapidly.

Illegal immigration is on the rise, with little to no effort by the feds to deport.

Manufacturing jobs are continually being exported to other countries around the world with more favorable business and tax climates. China’s economy expands at a rate about nine times that of the United States. Wages for a majority of Americans are down.

Home values continue to fluctuate up and down, creating additional insecurity.

The number of those employed is lower than at any time since 1978.

One country after another in Central and South America falls into Marxist control.

Radical Islam continues its march of destruction through one country after another throughout Africa and the Middle East. Iran is on the brink of obtaining a nuclear weapon. Israel – the only true democracy in the Middle East – becomes further threatened and isolated by this administration’s policies.

The national debt exceeds $17 trillion. Unfunded liabilities exceed $100 trillion. The annual budget deficit has averaged $1 trillion every year since Barack Obama has been president.

The Environmental Protection Agency is completely out of control by overregulating businesses to the point of extinction (i.e., the coal industry).

This president’s policies affect all of us – those who supported him and those of us who didn’t. For those of you who did, can you please explain to the rest of us why you continue to support the destruction of your country, your liberty and America’s influence in the world?