Immigration bill a mistake

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s support of the “comprehensive” illegal alien immigration bill is a monstrous mistake for the country. It contains all of the wish-list items of the radical immigration “rights” group La Raza (The Race ) and lawyers for illegal immigrants.

Graham has fallen for the propaganda that if Republicans support this giveaway to illegals, they will be rewarded with Latino votes. This is a falsehood. The only ones who will be getting more than 10 million new voters will be the left-wing Democrats, which will cement forever the far-left policies of President Obama.

Although cheerleaders for this bill emphasize increased border security and penalties on illegals, its numerous loopholes and vague statements make it an open-borders bill and amnesty bill combined. That is why La Raza, the immigration lawyers, the Democrats and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus love it. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports it, too, unfortunately, because of the promise of more low-cost labor.

For his support of this alone, Graham must be replaced. I support Lee Bright as the best choice June 10.



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