Bundy follows example

I find that I must agree with the underlying theme of Thomas Mills’ letter regarding Cliven Bundy and his refusal to pay grazing fees for his cattle on public land (“Editorial was a disgrace,” April 23)


Bundy went into this affair knowing that there is a charge to feed his privately owned cattle at the expense of the American taxpayer. It is therefore criminal that he refuses to pay the fairly accrued fees as required by law, and upheld by the court. However, to bring Obama into the argument was Mills’ mistake. After all, Bundy is simply following the president’s example of blatant disregard for the law – the most glaring example of which is his disregard of the deadlines enacted into the law by Congress, and approved by his own signature, for the political gain of the Democratic Party.

Obama has proved himself to be, I believe, the most lawless, least law-abiding president in the history of this country. He cannot bring himself to obey a law – the Affordable Care Act – that was written to his own criteria, and at his direction. When he must follow his own law and it does not suit his purposes, he simply disobeys his own creation.

With examples such as this in America’s highest office, what can one expect out of its citizens? Disobedience of the law of the land by the president of the land is the example upon which Bundy can base his actions. Who is the greater lawbreaker?

Sorry, but Mr. Mills’ complaint about attacking Obama holds no water in support of his side of the argument. If this still was a country of law and justice, Obama’s cell number would have nothing to do with a phone.

Walter Schmidt


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