It's all about greed

President Obama, I see, is holding off on approving the Keystone XL pipeline construction. The pipeline would create many jobs and save people a lot of money on fuel, but it may cost the Democrats a few votes.


This is a typical American politician’s problem: Do whatever it takes to win re-election no matter what the cost. It amazes me that we keep buying oil from all these countries that are taking our money and using our money to try and end our existence. We could be using our own oil, but we are afraid we might disturb a turtle or a rabbit.

The Exxon disaster was one of the worst oil spills ever, and only after a few years most of that area was back close to normal. We don’t mind taking chances with our troops getting killed but we certainly can’t take chances on disturbing some creature’s life. All environmental problems repair themselves over time, such as Japan after the atomic bombs we dropped in World War II. We have ruined our economy by buying most of our goods from our enemy, China, and China has control over us in a big way. China is in favor of everything that we are against, and has no morals. But does our government care? Not a chance.

It’s all about money, greed and power. Just think back a few years ago, if you are old enough. We didn’t have all the luxuries that we have now, but our morals, integrity, forgiveness, loyalty, etc., were, as we can see now, heavenly.

Jim Brown



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