Liberals are better

I have been an official Christian for 53 years, and a Christian for longer than that. I also am a 100 percent disabled Vietnam veteran.


A lot of preachers on Christian television think preaching is a certain style, technique or tone of voice. Preaching is just normal talking. A lot of preachers think if they get the audience excited, they are preaching well. I think audiences put on a show sometimes when the preacher is preaching. Billy Graham, the greatest preacher in the United States, spoke in a normal tone of voice, and audiences would not get emotional.

We do not need prejudiced people such as Pat Robertson of The 700 Club, CBN and Regent University; and Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey, who all are rich, right-wing conservative Republicans who hold grudges against President Obama.

Republicans and conservatives want you to believe they are better than Democrats and liberals, but they are not. Abraham Lincoln, who freed black slaves in the United States, was in the Republican Party but really was a liberal. Slave owners were conservative. Liberals are better than conservatives.

President Obama has guided us out of this recession, which started under President George W. Bush.

Bobby Etheridge



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