Editorial was a disgrace

Concerning your April 20 editorial on Cliven Bundy and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (“The Ranch Davidians?”), you have now hit a new low in journalistic integrity – your opinion being filled with misrepresentations and distortion of facts.

Pure and simple, Cliven Bundy is no hero of any sort. He is a welfare cowboy, a moocher and one of Mitt Romney’s 47 percent looking for something for nothing. His cost per head of cattle per month was a mere $1.35. Most other ranchers in the region are charged, and pay responsibly and on time, upwards of $5 per head per month. With about 500 head of cattle on the Bundy ranch, that comes out to a little more than $7,000 per year. Can Mr. Bundy cultivate his land so that he is able feed his cattle without using BLM land for less than that amount? The cost of owning and maintaining just the equipment for such an undertaking makes the chances nil.

Incidentally, Bundy lost his court case challenging the amount he owes, so in our nation of laws that now makes him liable for the amount – varying amounts, I am hearing – that he owes the BLM. Now, as you attempt to glorify the “protesters,” you neglect to mention that the protesters self-admittedly contemplated putting women and children in front while they stayed on high ground with sniper rifles and scopes trained on the BLM agents, begging for a confrontation. These individuals are not there for Bundy, but rather there for much darker motives. They are militia types, and are ideologically aligned with Randy Weaver and David Koresh, believing that being in this country we are allowed to break whatever laws we choose, and somehow equating that with “freedom.”

As expected, you worked President Obama into the equation, railing on his neglect of immigration control, just dismissing the fact that he has spent more on border security than any president in history, and that net immigration is a big fat zero for his terms so far, give or take, as he has also deported more illegal immigrants than any president in history.

Your not-so-tacit approval of the armed-to-the-teeth, chomping-at-the-bit “protesters,” and denunciation of the BLM agents, was disgraceful. The real heroes in this event were the BLM agents, who walked away rather than light the powder keg that was waiting for the tiniest of sparks.



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