Dems excel at distraction

Obama and the Democrats/liberals are trying to distract the public from all the various scandals by playing the race card and saying that conservatives could care less about women. Like magicians, the Democrats say to watch their left hands closely while their right hands are free to roam and plunder. It’s sleight-of-hand.


The Democrats have to go to race and women because they have nothing else. The economy is in the dumps, and we still don’t have answers on the Benghazi, IRS, NSA or Fast and Furious scandals. The Obama administration, the IRS and Attorney General Eric Holder are stonewalling Congress. The Democrats’ game is to bend the truth to suit the occasion, just like a Bubba Watson 90-degree hook.

I can’t imagine anyone not wanting all voters to have a picture ID. Here is where the Democrats throw in the race card. They say that it is racist to want a voter to have a picture ID. The only ones who wouldn’t want a picture ID to be a requirement are the ones who are looking to steal an election. A voter ID law goes both ways; it will help deter Democrats and Republicans from voting more than one time. Maybe we should do like the Iraqis do – after voting, stick your finger in a bottle of blue dye; if you try to vote twice, you might lose a finger. What about facial recognition? Maybe a little too costly.

This is similar to gun suppression; the government is trying to make it hard to purchase a firearm. Criminals are in favor of gun suppression because they don’t want to go into houses not knowing if the owners have weapons or not. All the criminals would have to do is to go online to see if a certain household has a registered gun.

About women suppression: Obama and the Democrats need to clean up their own back yard before trying to clean up anyone else’s. It is documented that this administration’s pay scale favors men while the women are on the low end of the scale. Conservatives are for equal pay for equal work, but all that’s heard from the Democrats is that conservatives are suppressing women’s pay and rights.

I can hardly wait to see and hear the next new round of buzzwords and distractions from the Democrats.



Mon, 12/11/2017 - 21:04

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