U.S. debilitation is willful

I am not surprised that Obama spoke of reaching the 7 million mark on Obamacare registrations on April Fool’s Day.


We have been suffering with the joke for the past five years. Our unemployment goes down even though there is little evidence that more people are working, except part time – and more are giving up completely.

The economy soon will self-destruct as billions of dollars in useless paper money is used to try to pay trillions of our debt. We suffer the joke that we have a bright future despite Christianity being mocked on a daily basis. More people are becoming poorer with higher prices fueling inflation of food, gas and clothing; taxes consume 52 percent of everyone’s wallet; and the threat lingers of terrorists infiltrating our country.

The administration will never follow the easy way to prosperity, which is lower taxes (allowing businesses and individuals to spend money the way they like); less government spending; and allowing the drilling of oil, which has made the Middle East wealthy. Why not us?

The United Nations wants to dictate that our oil companies find other means of energy. When will the madness stop? The wall of ignorance and obstinate self-admiration is obvious in the decisions that cry out, “Insanity!”

Our administration purposely is pushing us into a social and financial oblivion. We see this and still send the same harbingers of doom back to Washington. Why do we allow this to continue when we know the truth? Is this all preordained?

Maybe, but if we allow ourselves to be sheep then the shearing is coming soon. Lamb chops anyone?

Clifford Henning

Graniteville, S.C.



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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