State's DNR policy 'fishy'

We received notification April 11 from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources that our registration expired for our boat. We never received a renewal notification.


Well, it turns out it expired in April of 2013. I called the DNR and told them that, in 49 years, my husband and I never failed to pay on time for any renewal of driver’s licenses, gun licenses, or any other type of license. This probably is because those agencies always send out bills or reminders.

I asked the DNR if they would be so kind as to grant us a waiver of the $30 late fee. The lady I spoke to said they send out random reminders only for license renewals, and that her supervisor sometimes grants waivers of the late fee.

I asked if she would ask her supervisor to do that. The answer was a big “no.”

Seems like the supervisor at the DNR in Columbia takes her lead from President Obama when it comes to giving out waivers.

I’d like to know where she gets the authority to do that. She picks and chooses who gets off paying late fees and who has to pay. Can’t help but wonder if I was her cousin if I probably would get off having to pay the late fee.

“Random reminders”? Is the DNR kidding? This can’t be the policy. Is this employee making up her own rules?

I wish Gov. Nikki Haley would look into this office, because something fishy is going on at the DNR.

Pat Tortorello

McCormick, S.C.


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