Inmates get Obamacare

When I begin to think the federal government cannot get any worse, nor could the Obama administration sink any lower, they do.


In a little-noticed outcome of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, jails and prisons nationwide are signing up inmates for health insurance under the law, taking advantage of the expansion of Medicaid that allows states to extend coverage to single and childless adults, which is a major part of the prison population.

Ohio is one of a growing number of states working to enroll robbers, rapists and murderers into Obamacare.

Starting in January, states that agreed to the Medicaid expansion offered by Obamcare are required to expand Medicaid eligibility to include “all non-elderly low-income adults.” That means many criminals who are in or leaving prison and jail will be eligible. San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has said he wants to make sure no offender leaves his jail without it.

Not surprisingly, NBC and ABC ignored the news that taxpayers’ money would be going to the health care of convicted criminals.

The Obama administration bragged about the 7.1 million who have applied for coverage since Obamacare went into effect Oct. 1, but Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. referred to one study showing that one-third of new Medicaid enrollees will be inmates, parolees or people just released from prison.

Is this a great country or what?

Charles Cushman

Aiken, S.C.



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