If you vote, vote smart

Elections are right around the corner. I urge everybody to register and vote. Arm yourselves with knowledge before you get to the polls. An ignorant vote is worse than no vote.

Don’t vote for a candidate because the name rings a bell or because they have good hair. Columbia County already has had some experience with con men (and women) getting elected. Some of them still are incarcerated. Let’s be on the lookout for the next con man (or woman) trying to worm into Columbia County politics.

Suppose you voted for someone and then find out later that he or she had multiple bankruptcies, or has to carry a firearm 24/7 as protection from their numerous fraud victims? In the past I have automatically voted against incumbents because I had a “throw the bums out” mentality. That won’t happen this time.

If you are going to vote, vote smart!



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