Obama has sold us out

I have never seen a person more bent on destroying the United States than President Obama.


Through deed and blather, there is a strong stench of rotten politics coming from the White House on a daily basis. The lack of leadership and scandal after scandal are the distractions that have kept this country from moving forward.

Most television news networks have condoned the lies and deceit coming from the president and Democratic leaders for the past six years, keeping we the people from hearing the truth.

The latest despicable insult to the nation by the Liar-in-Chief comes from comments he made on his overseas visit that have opened this country up to being attacked by anyone with the inclination.

When asked if he thought Russia was a threat to our country, the president responded that he was more worried about a nuclear attack on Manhattan. This in and of itself is an invitation to our enemies telling all to attack us in New York – a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will.

Further, in the same speech Obama told the world that we are downsizing our military hoping to convince the European Union to spend more money on its members’ own defense.

What he did was reaffirm that he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to lead. By deed he has shown that he is gutless, and to the terrorists watching he has told them we are here for the taking.

As a 100-percent disabled Marine Vietnam veteran who gave up my health defending this country, I believe Obama and the Democrats have sold us out. God help us.


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