Rule of law being ignored

In a cynical political move designed to protect Democratic candidates in the next election cycle, President Obama has illegally suspended the Obamacare individual mandate for two years and arbitrarily changed the deadline for registration. This settled law has now been illegally changed at least 20 times by Caesar Obama! I also would bet that they are lying about 7.1 million Obamacare enrollees. It certainly would be in character!


And Attorney General Eric Holder, in speaking to states’ attorneys general, told them they (and he) are not bound to enforce or obey laws they disagree with!

So now we have passed from a nation of laws to a government of men who will not uphold the law unless it pleases them!

Clearly the avenue to pursue if there are disagreements with settled laws is both the Supreme Court (the final arbiter) and the Congress of the United States. The problem is that this administration is dismissive and contemptuous of the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court!

Here you have, in Holder’s statement, the governing philosophy of the Obama administration. They will readily act, or not act, outside the law to further their agenda.

Statistically, there are about 72 million registered Democrats in America. Of that number, 71 percent, or a little more than 51 million, say President Obama is doing a good job.

I can say with certainty how these same people would have reacted if President Bush had rammed “Bushcare” down our collective throats; lied to the American people repeatedly; or if he, as president, had broken the law, ignored the Constitution and abused the power of his office – all the while behaving like a Third World dictator! They would have been apoplectic and demanding heads to roll!

Their behavior now is gross partisan hypocrisy and ignorance! Like members of a cult, they are simply programmed to recognize no fault from a Democrat!

Robert Smock




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