Administration incompetent

Leadership forums teach that 40 percent of leaders who move into higher positions will fail within 18 months. Noted educator Laurence Peter termed it rising to a “position of incompetence.” As confirmed in myriad studies, race, gender and origin play no part in the failure rate among similarly educated people. Individuals sometimes find themselves in positions for which their blend of personal attributes makes them incompetent.


In the portion of the civilian world ruled by profit motive (i.e., not controlled by corrupt, self-perpetuating unions), positional incompetents are weeded out. However, as evidenced by Veterans Administration administrators, governmental incompetence seemingly can avoid the sunlight interminably.

Nowhere is this phenomenon more evident than in the Obama administration.

Here, incompetence not only is tolerated but it is defended vociferously by liberals, political hacks and delusional bigots who read swill by other delusional bigots and spout it as evidence of racial prejudice against this president.

By any objective and subjective measurement, this president is incompetent. Case in point: In one recent day, in an amateurish explanation for an enormous failure, he branded a country with hundreds of nuclear weapons a “regional power.” The Secret Service, formerly proud and effective under previous presidents, announced three agents were sent home for drunkenness.

Reporters Without Borders has rated the United States, under the Obama administration, a dismal 46th in the world in terms of press freedom. This president announced we would accept hundreds of pounds of plutonium, after stopping the Yucca Mountain storage facility and only days after proposing to “cold standby” the mixed-oxide processing plant at Savannah River Site. And security analysts have labeled Syria as the most troubling al-Qaida location, after this president failed to engage the original rebel group.

Like an acidic fog, incompetence spreads to infect everything it touches – and this administration touches a lot.

Tommy Smith

North Augusta, S.C.



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