Nurture local greenery

What a great sight! Trees are being planted all over Augusta/Richmond County, in the medians on Gordon Highway; along the road next to Bush Field; and probably in many more places that I have not seen. Now it is of utmost importance that the folks that are in charge of planting all those trees remember where they are so they will be watered regularly.


Having lived in this area for quite a few decades, I have observed previous plantings, one time along both sides of the ponds on Gordon Highway, and they were at the water’s edge but they did not get watered. My cry for help to then-Augusta Mayor Bob Young did help – they placed water bags around each tree – but it was too late. What a shame – sitting right at the edge of a pond and having to die.

Another great idea was to plant 10 beautiful, fully-grown Leyland cypresses at the north end of Bush Field – a true undertaking, as they were really large trees. But, again, no watering, and I was watching 10 beautiful and expensive trees (at, I believe, $600 each) wither away because of a lack of care.

One would think they could have taken a hint from the folks at the wastewater treatment plant right next door. What a pretty sight there with the well-planned landscaping. One almost can forget the periodic scent.

Adelheid Waters




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