Abandon collectivism

Our president’s current fascination with the minimum wage and payment for overtime is a perfect example of why our country is soaked in debt. To the collectivist, our nation is not 50 individual states with a multitude of cultures and experiences, but one homogenous body yearning for Washington, D.C., to solve its problems.


To the collectivist, Alabama is no different than Alaska. South Carolina surely is the image of South Dakota. And of course the needs of Augusta, Ga., are exactly the same as Augusta, Maine.

To the collectivist, only an intrusive federal government knows what is best for education, energy, wages, medicine, our environment and on and on.

Washington considers citizens so feeble that they are required to regulate the design of our toilets and our school lunch menus, and mandate the types of light bulbs we may buy.

This is not the essence of our nation. Power was to be held by the people first, the state house next and lastly Washington. Our nation was conceived on the notion that the central government should do only what states and individuals could not. Our Constitution begins with the words “We the people,” not “I, Obama” or “I the Congress.”

Sadly, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Too many able-bodied individuals look to Washington for retirement, medical care, subsidized housing, school lunches and many other life obligations. Too many individuals, unlike previous generations, see dependency as something to be embraced. The parents of my generation would have felt shame, but no more.

There are multiple negative consequences for this culture. For instance, Washington must confiscate such a large percentage of individual wealth, while communities struggle to find adequate funds to educate their children, maintain infrastructure and pay our first responders adequately.

We certainly have lost our way. Only a new generation of citizens who reject collectivism and embrace individualism can rescue our country.

Barry Cook




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