Letter lacked specifics

In response to Francine Brown’s March 4 letter to the editor (“Vote for your own values”): She wasn’t explicit enough to help any of the readers take action on her statements, which were: “Changing the laws to benefit all the citizens is the recipe for reconciliation. If blacks and whites want to move forward, they must vote locally and nationally on issues that best reflect their values.”


Issues and laws aren’t listed on ballots for voters to vote on. Ballots only have candidates to vote for.

Ms. Brown should have stated which specific laws she want changed and the exact changes she proposes. By stating the specific laws and changes to them she wants, she will reveal to us the actual, individual issues she is concerned about and how she proposes to resolve them.

That will provide us the critical, detailed information we can use to evaluate which candidates do or don’t support making the changes to the laws she identifies that she believes will resolve the issues she cares about, so we can vote for (or against) candidates accordingly.

If she knows which laws she wants changed and what changes she wants made to them, excellent! Please tell us! If she doesn’t know which laws she wants changed and what changes she wants made to them, why did she waste our time with an empty letter to the editor?

Steve R. Smith


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