Every human life is sacred

I am responding to the Feb. 19 letter “Leave choice to women.” A child is not a mere “choice,” and certainly not a medical condition, as this letter seemed to imply. New life always is to be celebrated.


At the moment of conception, Almighty God breathes a soul and life into a child as it begins to form. Many Planned Parenthood workers conveniently refer to this growing person as a “blob of tissue,” careful never to say the word “baby.”

God is the author of life. To end a pregnancy is to end a life – a life God has a plan for, and a life that will matter to so many. Abortion hurts women. So many post-abortive women suffer from depression, and some even try to take their own lives. Abortion never is OK with God.

There is hope and help. Right across the street from Planned Parenthood in Augusta is the Augusta Care Pregnancy Center. It has the resources to help women with unplanned pregnancies. Affiliated churches also are there to stand with women.

To illustrate my point, I was listening to radio station WAFJ-FM (88.3) recently when the call-in topic was gratitude. So many are feeling grateful for weathering the recent ice storm as well as we did. A woman called in to say she was 34 years old and is grateful for getting to meet her birth mother the following week. She said she knew they would be reunited in heaven, but didn’t expect she ever would get to meet her in this life. She sounded so happy. It really touched my heart.

To think she, too, could have been an aborted child in the garbage can at Planned Parenthood. Every life is sacred.

We all need to continually work, pray and vote to end the tragedy of abortion.



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