Some EMAs came through

Raves to the Columbia County Emergency Management Agency. Without it, many Richmond County residents would not have been kept up to date during the recent ice storm and earthquake. Even Edgefield County’s EMA kept us up to date on the shake, rattle and roll. Where was Augusta’s EMA director?

Maybe he is not familiar with social media. We may have lost electricity, but I guarantee you, eight out of 10 constituents probably had cell phones with access to the Internet, and if they didn’t, family did. I kept abreast of what was happening about the CSRA and Richmond County through Columbia County EMA Director Pam Tucker’s Facebook page. It was very informative and kept many of us totally up to date.

Shame on Richmond’s EMA. And don’t try to tell us that much of the county’s population is elderly and not familiar with social media. I am older than 60.


Sun, 09/24/2017 - 18:24

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