Poor road is a hazard

It’s embarrassing to learn that South Carolina is so poor that it can’t afford to fix a heavily traveled road that is in such disrepair that you have to dodge potholes by driving into the oncoming lane.


Glenwood Drive, where the problem lies, is a crossroad between Silver Bluff and Pine Log roads that a cement factory uses to transport cement as a short cut across the area. That has helped destroy the road.

As a former law enforcement officer who sees an accident waiting to take place here, I recently wrote to my state senator and asked that he do something about the issue. I have tried over the years to get the road paved, without results from the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

I was told that road department supervisors had been out there several times, but it would cost $300,000 to fix the whole road. I also was told that the money had to be spread around to address other projects.

My response to the senator was to express my belief that a lawsuit would be far more costly if someone gets killed because of the state’s negligence. Patching pothole on top of pothole is like putting a bandage over cancer. After every rain, we end up in danger again and again.

What really bugs me about this whole issue is the fact that President Obama promised billions of dollars for infrastructure and shovel-ready projects. Where is that money?

From my perspective, the powers-that-be have been warned. If someone gets killed or seriously injured, then I expect that all of the excuses in the world won’t justify the failure to resolve the problem.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.



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