Elect Bartley chairman

Because of Columbia County’s rapid development, decisions today will affect us for years to come. Jim Bartley, an exceptional builder and outspoken political activist, has the knowledge and insight to make the right decisions for Columbia County as our next commission chairman.


It has been my honor and privilege to represent Bartley as his real estate agent. I can attest to the quality and high standards he represents. Satisfied owners of homes built by his business have recommended him to friends and family as a result of his reputation for his attention to detail, superior workmanship and personal integrity.

Professionally and personally, Bartley cares deeply about the direction of Columbia County, and he expresses his ideas in commission meetings and other political
arenas. As a successful businessman, Bartley understands all the challenges of running a business in today’s economy.

He has a clear sense of right and wrong, and is committed to preserving the community’s long-term, best interests.

Bartley has the experience and skill to make positive changes in Columbia County. He would bring an articulate and intelligent voice to the county commission, and has the courage to stand up to any special interests. With his dynamic vision for Columbia County’s future, concern for fiscal accountability and leadership potential, Jim Bartley is the right choice for county commission chairman.

Margaret Durst




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