Workers invisible to GOP

Our Republican governor and our Republican-controlled legislature is doing what the Republicans nationally are doing. They have decided that needy Americans – in our case, needy Georgians – are invisible.


Even worse, the governor and legislature are indifferent to them. So what if 600,000 Georgians go without health care? So what if rural hospitals are closing? So what if the governor’s arithmetic is ridiculous when the Affordable Care Act will pay 100 percent of expanded Medicaid for three years and 90 percent thereafter, and has been appropriated by Congress?

Just as I think Gov. Nathan Deal escaped investigation by a congressional ethics committee by resigning from Congress, so now he is cowardly running from one of the state’s most important decisions for thousands of Georgians. He is ready to give up his authority as the governor by turning the decision of expanded Medicaid to the Republican-controlled legislature. Gov. Deal is insincere. He is against any plan that President Obama puts forth, no matter the consequences.

The Republicans not only are illogical but also create dramatic falsehoods. Most of the public wants an increase in the minimum wage. The Republicans counter with “it will be suicide” – again, showing their indifference to the needy. And they distract the public by pushing bills to allow guns to be brought into churches and college campuses, forcing church members to hold divisive discussions whether or not to allow them.

They lie about President Obama’s “stimulus” plan, saying it was a failure. They are indifferent to the fact that millions of dollars from this plan helped Augusta’s needy high schools to improve their attendance and student capabilities.

Voters have to understand that Georgia is becoming one of the most regressive states in the nation. Attempts by our leadership to bring jobs and manufacturing into our state will fail because workers will not tolerate this abuse, and will move to states where everyone is treated as a person and not neglected.

Let’s change the scene and throw Deal and his buddies out so working people will become visible again.

Lowell Greenbaum



(The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)



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