Medicare policy flawed

Interesting how liberal Democrats spout out the garbage that we Republicans are responsible for the so-called “war on women.” Well, here’s some war-on-women info that the government’s regulations and policies regarding women’s mammograms and pap tests are responsible for.


Evidently the government seems to believe that a woman’s breasts are more important than her uterus, Fallopian tubes and ovaries. Medicare will pay for a pap test only every two years. Yet it will pay for a mammogram every year. Just who gets to make that policy decision? Having cancer of the uterus or ovaries is extremely serious because that disease usually is not diagnosed early. So they make us wait every two years?

We can bet our bottom dollar that senior women in Congress don’t have to worry about this. With their “Cadillac” insurance plans, no need to worry, ladies. Have your annual pap test; we’ll pay. The rest of you? You’re on your own.

Something very serious is wrong with this picture.

Pat Tortorello

McCormick, S.C.



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