Holder abets power abuse

As Attorney General Eric Holder continues the federal government’s abuse of power, and the executive branch rules by edict, one has to wonder who will finally stand up and push back even just a little.


The House of Representatives sits idly by and talks a good game but accomplishes little. The Supreme Court, by design the weakest of the three branches, has become so politicized that it is an embarrassment. The court has trampled the Constitution for 50-plus years invoking the “general welfare” clause, the Commerce Clause and the “necessary and proper” clause, all increasing the role of a central government.

The court is one-third of the federal government, and when issues arise among the various states and the federal government, it should be no surprise they rule in favor of themselves. Just because a group of nine politically appointed lawyers say something is constitutional does not make it necessarily so. The president’s attorney general has, with his “guidance” to state attorneys general, in effect said they can ignore state laws if they do not agree with them – nullification in reverse!

I have come to the belief that the only way to limit government in this spend-spend, ignore-the-Constitution atmosphere is through a constitutional convention, with all its risks, and/or using a constitutional state right: nullification by the state of unconstitutional federal law.

Ron Pieper

North Augusta, S.C.



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