Must you be radical?

Misinformation, bias and outright lies are your editorial trade. The fantastically warped editorial on the Affordable Care Act (“Taking Obamacare out for a spin,” Feb. 7) is beyond critical analysis.


As I have said repeatedly, you have no conception of balance. And you now have found more right-wing columnists in Editorial Writer Damon Cline and syndicated columnist Susan Stamper Brown. The hatred spewed by Michelle Malkin and Cal Thomas defies belief. Is Charles Krauthammer a must every week?

It is not possible for you to publish some columnists other than radical, extreme Obama-haters? It would be most welcome for us who are neither Tea Partiers nor Republicans.

Your inflammatory editorials continue to arouse only anger and animosity toward The Augusta Chronicle and Editorial Page Editor Michael Ryan in particular.

Here’s a list of Republican issues: anti-women, anti-education, anti-gay, anti-the poor, anti-minorities, anti-immigration, anti-science, anti-government, anti-minimum wage, anti-sensible gun control.

I realize this is only a partial list, but perhaps any of these might be a consideration for your editorial planning.

Donald Brauer

North Augusta, S.C.

Taking Obamacare out for a spin