Leave choice to women

What’s next Kathy Edry (“Overturn Roe v. Wade,” Jan. 24) – prevent a woman’s right to vote?


The right to have or not to have an abortion should be left up to the woman, her health professional and her individual family situation.

I worked for Planned Parenthood in Augusta for a time as a nurse. What I observed in 99.9 percent of the cases was that, too often, the poor, uneducated and abused women used Planned Parenthood for birth control. Hence, the ability to obtain contraceptives along with sex education without fear, shame or cost should be foremost in this day and time.

Bottom line: Responsibility by both the man and the woman is what it takes to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Too often the man quickly escapes the equation, leaving the woman and her support system, if any, to deal with Ms. Edry’s so-called unhappy results.

Instead of standing around the door of the Planned Parenthood Center, why don’t people volunteer in the schools to help educate and boost young girls’ self-esteem? Teach them that they don’t have to get into bad situations with so-called boyfriends.

Sex education should be taught in the school system. Unfortunately, in the South this is often a slippery slope – again, because of ignorance. Keeping children in the dark about sex and birth control does not encourage increased sexual activity. Without sex education, young people are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases, abortions (sometimes multiple abortions) and depression up to and including suicide. It also causes stress and expense on already-burdened state governments that have to help provide for infants and children.

In summary: Don’t force anti-abortion values and narrow-minded views on other people. It should be every person’s decision, whether female or male, if he or she wants to bring life into the world.



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